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Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants Dining Program

Posted 07 April, 2016

In May last year, Hentley Farm won a place in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Australian Restaurants.  And now, from May 3-23, the AFR is running a Dining Program featuring a series of exclusive events held across the country. Hentley Farm is taking part with a specialised dinner service on May 20th.

Lachlan Colwill and the chef team cook dishes from their past. Learn what has inspired the talented team to become chefs and enjoy dishes from their many cultures and heritage. In the beautiful setting of our converted stables enjoy a unique opportunity to meet the chefs and hear their stories of cherished dishes and what has inspired them.
Savour dishes from the chefs varied cultural backgrounds as they take you on a discovery of beloved dishes from childhood memories as well as hear the stories of cooking culture from their families and the tales of the dishes origins.