2021 vintage

Batches of wine were carefully selected from Shiraz blocks within our vineyard to create an estate grown wine that displays the treasured characteristics the property naturally produces in Shiraz: saturated colour, fruit intensity and soft, savoury tannins.



Twelve individual estate blocks: Red clay loam topsoil at varying depth | shattered limestone, salt and pepper siltstone, and bluestone subsoils | north-south and east-west row orientations | varied clonal selection, micro-climates, elevation, and aspect
Upshot: Complexity | Consistency | Intense flavours | Vibrant colours


Rainfall: Average Winter rainfall | Above average Spring rainfall
Temperature: Warm Spring to early Summer | No extreme heat events
Upshot: Consistent flowering and fruit set | Healthy leaf/canopies | Controlled development

Rainfall: Dry Summer and Autumn
Temperature: Below average daytime temperatures | Cool nights
Upshot: Consistent ripening conditions | Extended even flavour development | High natural acid | Wines of power and elegance


Fermentation: De-stemmed | 2-3 pump overs per day | Varying time on skins (7-60 days)
Oak: French – 10% new, 90% seasoned | Natural malolactic fermentation | 15 months maturation
Technical Analysis: Alcohol – 14.8% | pH – 3.5 | Acid – 6.5g/L | RS – <1.0 g/L

Noteworthy Dates
Harvested: 19th February – 23rd March 2021 | Bottled: June 2022 | Released: June 2022


Profile: Blue fruits | Licorice | Mushroom | Truffle | Herbal
Texture: Soft, even tannins | Complex and brooding | Savoury finish

Animal – Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Vehicle – Jeep Cherokee
Musical – Bass guitar