2017 vintage

Batches of wine were carefully selected from Shiraz blocks within our vineyard and complemented with parcels from the north-western Barossa to create a wine that displays the treasured characteristics the property naturally produces: saturated colour, fruit intensity and soft, savoury tannins.




100% Shiraz - Single Estate

Shiraz Tasting Notes


Sourced exclusively from the Hentley Farm estate on the banks of Greenock creek at Seppeltsfield, this wine is a blend of 7 blocks all with variances in top soil depth, subsoil type, row orientation, clonal selection and micro-climate. The top soil is predominately a red clay loam, and the subsoil varies from shattered limestone to salt & pepper siltstone and bluestone at depth.  All vines are grown on their own roots.


The 2016 calendar year leading up to the 2017 vintage produced the wettest winter for 20 years! This rainfall and associated cooler weather cond itions resulted in a delightful slow development across the growing season with flowering and subsequent fruit set 2-3 weeks later than recent vintages. Warm and consistent conditions followed with vines balanced and happy heading towards Christmas. A return to cool weather and rainfall continued the trend of slow development with veraison kicking off 4 weeks later than expected. After one last summer drop of 50mm in early February we got the weather we were looking for with dry conditions and good ripening throughout harvest. The vintage conditions have created outstanding flavour development and natural acidity with the resulting wines showing great poise and balance.


The fruit was crushed and de-stemmed prior to fermentation, during which 2-3 pump overs a day were used to ensure that each wine achieved a full tannin structure. Time on skins ranged from 7-60 days before pressing and settling. The wine completed secondary fermentation in new (15%) and old (85%) French oak barrels, before blending in August, a total maturation period of 10 months. No fining or filtration was used in the production of this wine. – Winemaker, Andrew Quin



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