Here are some of our preferred suppliers…


Michael Wohlstadt is a producer of milk, cultured butter, buttermilk, Berkshire pigs, small good and veal, and one of Lachlan’s favourite Barossa producers. We’ve used his produce at Hentley Farm since opening in 2012 and love that we have a direct connection with Michael on a weekly basis, as he delivers all the goods personally!


Another dairy producer, literally 6 minutes down the road from Hentley farm. The Kernich’s are a family farm at Greenock with a herd of individually named and registered Australian Jersey cows and their own milk factory on site. They farm sustainably with the aim to improve the health of the soil and landscape for the next generation. Our ice creams wouldn’t be anywhere near as good without these guys and their beautiful produce!


We originally met owner of Nature & Nurture Farms, Michael Hemphill, as a very regular lunch guest at Hentley Farm – he mentioned he could supply quails and quail eggs (which was great news, as we were struggling to keep up with our own production at the time!).   His produce progressed to chickens and goats, then moved into larger scale wholesale produce, with the aim to improve general consumer awareness of quality by utilising ethical conditions and care throughout the whole process.  This is our kind of producer!

BAROSSA LOCALS – A ‘love thy neighbour’ culture.

The concept of sharing and exchanging excess harvests has provided Hentley Farm with some of the best and most interesting produce we use.  With most Barossan family’s being good hobby gardeners or owning properties with heritage fruit trees and orchards, we have a bountiful yearly share in a majority of what gets picked or produced locally – it’s literally at our doorstep.  The system of exchange of surplus produce, to trade for a portion of others’ surplus supply, works perfectly and we’re proud to be a link in the chain of local yield.