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Celebrating Ten Years Of Creation.

Posted 03 September, 2020

“The Creation concept highlights what makes Hentley Farm so unique; our vineyards diversity” – Andrew Quin.

Each year since 2009, our winemaker Andrew Quin has created a limited release single block wine, The Creation, that explores and showcases the terroir effect of unique diversity across the estates blocks and the reward that comes from Keith Hentschke’s meticulous vineyard planning.

And, throughout ten successive vintages, ‘The Creation’ has continued to deliver a simply stunning example of an inimitable Barossan wine that Hentley Farm is now famous for.

2009 told the story of E block with it’s trademark tropical characteristics and the elegance of a vintage with superb late season growing conditions.

2010 saw the birth of the wine now known as “H block” a Shiraz Cabernet from vines on the western edge of Greenock creek in a vintage described at the time as the best Hentley Farm had experienced.

The cool rainy vintage conditions of 2011 needed attention to detail and a little out of the box thinking with fruit from G1 picked early and dried on racks Amarone style blended with a second parcel that was left on vine.

The Creation Shiraz 2012 was crafted with fruit sourced from D4, small patch of vines near our warehouse. The soil beneath the vines is extremely high in clay so when it drys out it opens up like a cricket pitch – a super unique and quite rare soil type.
The Creation Shiraz 2012 was left on skins for 35-40 days and was the first time that we had done a complete extended maceration wine on its own. It has such a bold tannin structure, intense flavour showcasing the benefits of extended maceration along with fantastic vintage conditions consisting of mild days, cool nights and rain at the right time. 

After founding ‘The Creation’ under the familiar Hentley Farm ‘white label’, thoughts turned to adorning this remarkable wine with its own individual label to celebrate the release of the 2013 vintage.
As it happened, Hentley Farm had an established and keen relationship with the Adelaide Central School Of Art as a sponsor of the school.  Annalise Rees was the first ever Creation Artist, and as it happened this affiliation assisted in a natural progression to fashion a label worthy of this wine, and a beautiful synergy of wine and art was born.

In 2013 Andrew had a flashback to the vintage conditions of 2009 and there was no surprise that it was E block the popped out and why change a winning recipe.

2014 was a tale of a unique vintage and some winemaking flair with pressing with a wet winter followed by dry spring, summer until a late reprieve from the heat provided perfect ripening conditions for the fruit sourced from J block on the eastern side of the creek and the use of ‘pressings’ was also unique.

In 2014, Artist James Edwards was inspired by Hentley Farm’s small kitchen garden and orchard where seasonal produce, including apples, are grown for use in the award-winning restaurant.  The stylized apple leaf pendants are interpreted from a leaf picked from the Hentley Farm apple tree during fruiting season.  Subtly referencing the apple tree in the Garden of Eden, a mythological place of purity, discovery and delicious temptation, the leaf grew in close proximity to the vines, sharing their soil and terroir.

In 2015 our estate extended when Andrew and Skye purchased a neighbouring vineyard which added a south facing slope to our diverse terroirs producing a unique profile of red fruits along with coconut, vanillin and nutmeg on the nose and the rich vibrant fruit distinctive of the early picked vintage.

On Sunday night 27 September 2015, a full moon passed through the Earth’s shadow causing a spectacular phenomenon known as a Blood Moon. Artist Sue Kneebone captured the ethereal atmosphere of the full moon eclipse as witnessed that evening over South Australia. Such a rare celestial event alludes to ancient folklore when farmers observed the moon’s natural rhythms for planting and harvesting. Each label displays a unique and transient moment of the Blood Moon over the course of the eclipse.

2016 we revisited G1 although made very differently with the use of fruit from the top of the Clos Otto block only which shows a distinct softness and prettiness.

The label for Hentley Farm ‘The Creation Shiraz 2016’ was designed and hand embroidered by artist Maggie Moy. It took over 90 hours to complete the stitching but it was a labour of love. The slow process of hand stitching parallels the art of fine wine making, reflecting the time it takes to develop and the attention to detail. Moy’s concept for the label was to highlight both the uniqueness of the winery and its location, whilst also visually describing the flavour characteristics which can be discovered in this rich and elegant wine.

2017 we went over the top of Mt Rufus to F1, a block that is the western ridge at its harshest, in a vintage that started with the wettest winter in 20 years and produced a wine for the Barossan traditionalist with a palate that takes no prisoners.

The artist Sally Parnis visited “F Block” at Hentley Farm on five different occasions in 2017, each time spending several hours making drawings on her iPad. Exploring landscape drawings from the same viewpoint that were layered upon during each visit, Sally highlights both the protective sheoak border and the beautiful pink soil of F Block. Each column of discs on the label represents a stage in vine development; flowering, early fruit, late fruit, and after harvest.

and now the 2018 from A6 ….

Planted in 2010 with vine cuttings propagated from the famed Clos Otto vineyard, the A6 Block is a remarkable example of the distinct terroirs across the estate. With deep fertile soil, and a unique southerly aspect protecting the east-west oriented rows from the northern sunlight.
The block produces very small volumes of fruit with intense aromatics.

Each vintage there are different reasons wines for The Creation “pop out” during classification, and the uniqueness of the A6 was really clear. It has an incredibly lifted dried herb characteristic combined with florals, and red centred fruit that we see from south facing slopes. The dried herbal lift is a super unique characteristic from the A6 block. An intense wine with a balance of tannin structure, complex flavours, and aromatics.

“It almost isn’t shiraz… it shows a real herbal edge which is just so cool, it’s very lifted with amazing aromatic intensity.” – Andrew Quin, Chief Winemaker.

Daryl Austin, the 2018 artist created an intricate oil painting of the Hentley Farm landscape captured from A6 block, the single block used for the 2018 Creation Shiraz. Daryl’s masterful technique is intriguing as the painting subtly shifts between degrees of realistic depiction; from a meticulous illusionistic image of Hentley Farm before dissolving into key brush marks. It is truly a painting of pleasure with its depth of detail.