‘The Creation’ Concept – the story behind the wine.


The Creation concept in winemaking terms is to highlight a different example of our vineyards diversity each year. The brief?  Pick something unique that tells both a story of individual terroir and the vintage that was… with a little winemaking flair thrown in for good measure.

And, throughout successive vintages, ‘The Creation’ has continued to deliver a simply stunning example of an inimitable Barossan wine that Hentley Farm is now famous for.


After founding ‘The Creation’ under the familiar Hentley Farm ‘white label’, thoughts turned to adorning this remarkable wine with its own individual label to celebrate the release of the 2013 vintage.

As it happened, Hentley Farm had an established and keen relationship with the Adelaide Central School Of Art as a sponsor of the school.  This affiliation assisted in a natural progression to fashion a label worthy of this wine, and a beautiful synergy of wine and art was born.

Each year a rigorous selection criterion is set for tender, offering graduates of the Adelaide Central School of Art the opportunity to have their works showcased as the new release label.

‘The Creation’ now has an original label created each vintage, to portray the individuality, style and distinction of this iconic wine.

We are proud to continue this inspired connection with wine & art, through our relationship with the Adelaide Central School Of Art, highly regarded as the best art school in South Australia.


2017 VINTAGE RELEASE – Artist, Sally Parnis.

Making the 2017 ‘The Creation’ Shiraz.

“To make the artwork for the 2017 ‘The Creation’ Shiraz I visited “F Block” at Hentley Farm on five different occasions, each time spending several hours making drawings on my iPad. I wanted to express visually something of its unique characteristics by immersing myself in the place.

One set of drawings was a landscape, built and layered upon during each visit from the same viewpoint, including both the protective she-oak border and the beautiful pink soil of F Block.  A second set depicted one of my favourite vines – “The Elegant Vine” – as it went from flowering through to harvest.

Each column of discs on the label represents a stage in vine development; flowering, early fruit, late fruit, and after harvest. The discs are fragments of these drawings and they become almost abstract as I zoom in on each small area.

The background is an early stage of one landscape drawing, showing the lovely muted colours of sky, she-oaks, vines and straw mulch, and the large pink disc is an expression of the chalky pink soil on F Block.  A shiny metal stock was used for the label to honour the glassy surface of my iPad which is a very contemporary tool for the deeply traditional practice of drawing.

For me, drawing is a mesmerising and time-based practice where the accumulation of marks is a measure of immersion in a place or with a subject.  I believe the 2017 ‘The Creation’ Shiraz label expresses my immersion in F Block’s very special ambience.”

2016 VINTAGE RELEASE – Artist, Maggie Moy.

The label for Hentley Farm ‘The Creation Shiraz 2016’ was designed and hand embroidered by artist Maggie Moy. It took over 90 hours to complete the stitching but it was a labour of love. It married together two of Moy’s favourite things…stitching and a great shiraz! The slow process of hand stitching parallels the art of fine wine making, reflecting the time it takes to develop and the attention to detail.

Moy’s concept for the label was to highlight both the uniqueness of the winery and its location, whilst also visually describing the flavour characteristics which can be discovered in this rich and elegant wine. After being invited to Hentley Farm to view the property, sample wine and get an overall feel for the winery, Maggie described her experience.

“It was immediately apparent to me the care and detail which was taken by Hentley Farm to maintain the authenticity of the property and its history. I was intrigued by the beauty of the shearing shed which now houses the tasting room, with its reminders of who had been before. The past Shearers hastily scratched numbers on the walls, the children’s boot to ward off evil spirits and to bring good luck to the property, and the ever important 1950’s soil map were all on display. And of course I was charmed by Jack the winery dog. It was easy to find inspiration in such a unique property.”

Maggie Moy has a Bachelor of Visual Art (Hons) from Adelaide Central School of Art and is currently doing Post Graduate studies in Archaeology at Flinders University.

2015 VINTAGE RELEASE – Artist, Sue Kneebone.

“On Sunday night 27 September 2015, a full moon passed through the Earth’s shadow causing a spectacular phenomenon known as a Blood Moon. These nocturnal images capture the ethereal atmosphere of the full moon eclipse as witnessed that evening over South Australia. Once a mysterious phenomenon that aroused superstitious fear, lunar eclipses are now observed as a natural wonder intrinsically linked to life on earth. Such a rare celestial event alludes to ancient folklore when farmers observed the moon’s natural rhythms for planting and harvesting. This recent astronomical event auspiciously marks Hentley Farm’s 2015 vintage of the Creation Shiraz.

Each label displays a unique and transient moment of the Blood Moon over the course of the eclipse, and in the spirit of ‘The Creation’ Shiraz being a highly  sought-after wine for collectors, the presentation of all six labels together offers a  striking case of wine.”

Sue Kneebone resides in Adelaide, South Australia. She attained a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of South Australia (2010), having previously graduated in from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Masters in Fine Art (2001).

Sue has exhibited widely within Australia and internationally and has been the recipient of several major awards and grants. Her work is collected by the Art Gallery of South Australia and is held in numerous private collections.



2014 VINTAGE RELEASE – Artist, James Edwards.

“Hentley Farm is more than a great winery.  The Barossa Valley property also features a small kitchen garden and orchard where seasonal produce, including apples, are grown for use in the award-winning restaurant.  The stylized apple leaf pendants are interpreted from a leaf picked from the Hentley Farm apple tree during fruiting season.  Subtly referencing the apple tree in the Garden of Eden, a mythological place of purity, discovery and delicious temptation, the leaf grew in close proximity to the vines, sharing their soil and terroir.

At the base of the vineyard runs a sandy, quintessentially Australian creek bed, lined with giant eucalypts.  The gum leaf pendant reinterprets a unique leaf picked from one of these gums, acknowledging the land.  The Australian land is a land of extremes, a land of subtleties, a land of complexities and simplicities – all characteristics that are found in Hentley Farm wines.

Fashioned from 925 Sterling Silver and jewellery grade  heat-coloured Titanium, the materiality of the leaf pendants represents the precious mineralogy of the vineyard and the wines.”

James Edwards (b. 1986, Australia) resides in Adelaide, South Australia.  In 2009 he completed a Bachelor of Visual Art from Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia and Utah State University, Logan, Utah, USA.