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The 2023 Vintage

28 MAY, 2023

Our winemakers, Andrew Quin and Siobhan Wigan, 'wrap-up' the Hentley Farm 2023 Vintage


As the temperature drops, the days get shorter, and we prepare our vineyards for the upcoming pruning, we turn to our winemakers to reflect on the excitement of the vintage past and to remind us that there is much to look forward to.

Atypical weather conditions threw the entire Barossa region a few challenges in preparation for harvest;

"A cooler and wetter than average Spring and Summer lead to later ripening and harvest throughout the estate. Yields were slightly higher than our long-term average, with promising quality overall." - Andrew Quin, Chief Winemaker.

Although this vintage demanded much patience throughout, our winemaking team are delighted with the profiles of fruit produced;

"We're seeing vibrant acidity, aromatic lift and fine tannins—lots of elegant wines to look forward to." - Siobhan Wigan, Winemaker.

2023 proved to many that we are at the mercy of mother nature. By staying in tune with the weather, our soils, and preparing our vineyards for the conditions they face, we can continue to reliably craft our distinctive Hentley Farm wines for your enjoyment. 

As you anticipate the 2023 releases, ensure you make the most of our current collection - available online, from our Cellar Door and while dining at our Atrium Restaurant.

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