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Côtes De Hentley | 2018

Côtes De Hentley


Côtes De Hentley, the epitome of perfection - unparalleled elegance, complexity with balance and intriguing depth. A true testament to the art of winemaking and the soil the vines rise from. This wine represents a select group of the finest barrels from only the finest vintages. The chosen grapes are sourced from our Seppeltsfield Vineyard, surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of rolling hills.

Welcome to the Côtes De Hentley collection.

SERIES 1 / EDITION 1 / 2018

100% Seppeltsfield Vineyard




Harvest: 2 March 2018 - 3 April 2018



“The epitome of perfection”

The finest release of Hentley Farm ever marks the launch of The Côtes De Hentley Collection, SERIES 1 / EDITION 1.

A 2018 vintage blend of premium parcels (Shiraz, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon), matured separately and hand-selected by Chief Winemaker, Andrew Quin, to produce a scarce 1440 bottles.

From soil to glass, each element has been nurtured. The fruit was captured at its peak vibrancy, developed to express its full potential, and delicately balanced with layers of intertwining aromatics. The resulting wine exudes elegance, finesse, and complexity, of which each component shines.

Crafted as an expression of the Hentley Farm estate, The Côtes De Hentley Collection will continue to grow for years to come. Begin your collection today, ensuring space for SERIES 1 / EDITION 2 / 2021...

“Côtes De Hentley encapsulates the diversity, elegance, and estate potential in its entirety.”

Andrew Quin, Chief Winemaker

Inspired by the construction of wine barrels, JamFactory crafted tailor-made boxes, perfectly capturing the essence of the Côtes De Hentley collection.

"We pay homage to this tradition and embrace the intricate interplay between materials and the vibrant tapestry of winemaking. Individually handcrafted and made from sustainably sourced native Australian hardwoods, including Tasmanian Oak. Skilfully bound with jute, the coopered staves form a dry-constructed wine box.

Our bespoke wine bottle boxes become vessels of storytelling. They evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia, celebrate moments of joy, and exude the essence of fine craftsmanship. Each box carries within it a unique narrative, connecting the rich heritage of winemaking with the beauty of fine woodworking.

They stand as tangible expressions of our deep appreciation for both the art of woodworking and the profound world of wine.” - Andrew Carvolth, JamFactory.

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