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The Creation Grenache - 4pk with Amphora


Each year, our Chief Winemaker, Andrew Quin, creates a limited-release single-block wine that showcases the unique terroir diversity across the Hentley Farm estate, and the characteristics of the vintage that was.

Originally under the familiar Hentley Farm white label, The Creation now has an original label created each vintage by artists from the Adelaide Central School of Art to portray the individuality, style, and distinction of this iconic wine project.


When benchmarking for the 2021 vintage began, a remarkable Grenache parcel from the C3 Block was quick to stand out. A mild growing season provided superb conditions for gradual flavour development, of which our winemakers were excited to declare ‘Grenache’ as the 2021 Creation Project.

The potential of this outstanding wine has been recognised and celebrated outside of the winery ahead of this single-block release. As a component of the 2021 Old Legend Grenache, this parcel shares in the accolades of the 2022 awarded Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy, along with ‘Best Grenache’ of the Royal Queensland Wine Show (2022), and ‘Best Grenache’ of the Sydney Royal Wine Show (2022).



Terra-Villa Handcrafted Ceramics

A principal storage vessel used in ancient Greek pottery, the two-handled pot with a neck narrower than the body was used for storage and as transport vessels for olives, grain, milk, oil, and wine. Decorative, painted amphora vases were used as decanters and were given as prizes.

Mark Heidenreich is a potter, sculptor and artist working in clay from his Terra-Villa studio in Adelaide. Mark has become most widely acclaimed for his ability to craft artistic works that are both impressive in their scale and beautiful in their form. He is known as the winemaker’s potter for his work producing traditional amphora vessels.




Kottabos was a game of skill played at Ancient Greek and Etruscan symposia (banquet-style celebrations). The game involved flinging wine sediment at a target placed in the middle of the room, with the target often placed atop a pole.

Depicted on the label is ‘Kottabos Recline’, where technique and dexterity were essential to maintain elegant form. The reclined players, propped up on one elbow, would place two fingers through the loop of one handle and cast wine dregs in a high-arc towards the target. Due to the way players threaded their fingers through the handle, the movement has been alikened to that of throwing a javelin spear.

A customary tradition in the 6th and 5th centuries (BC), ancient writers and artists made frequent allusions to the practice; depicted on contemporaneous red-figure vases (amphora).



Dionysus was the Olympian god of wine, vegetation, pleasure, festivity, and fertility. He created wine and spread the art of viticulture.

He had a dual nature; capable of evoking pure joy and divine ecstasy; or he would ignite brutal and blinding rage, thus reflecting the dual nature of wine.


Mary-Jean Richardson

Adelaide Central School of Art

Mary-Jean Richardson is a South Australian-based artist whose practice is specifically motivated by the interplay of traditions and transgression via painting mobility, mutability and capacity for reinvention.

Mary-Jean completed a Masters of Visual Art at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia, researching the legacy of eighteenth-century Gothic literary conventions within the ‘undead’ state of contemporary painting.

She has received various awards and grants to further her research and practice, including the AEAF Studio Residency at the British School at Rome in 2013. She is the Painting Department Head at Adelaide Central School of Art and actively exhibits locally and nationally, including projects at Greenaway Gallery, CACSA, SASA Gallery, The Jam Factory and Fontanelle Gallery.

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